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About Us

Doug Demko – President / Director of Operations

Doug began his career at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation and becoming a Certified Flight Instructor prior to graduation.

Doug continued his education at various locations with Flight Safety and Simuflite. Doug went on to become certified to fly as Part 135 Captain on Gulfstream and Cessna Citation jets.

Doug continues to maintain his Certified Flight Instrument Instructor status.

These credentials along with thousands of hours of flight time make Doug uniquely qualified to lead flight operations for 26 North Aviation

Jason Warren Vice-President Charter

Mr. Warren has many aviation accomplishments in addition to managing a charter sales department. Prior to moving to 26 North Aviation he was instrumental in building and implementing a new business plan, operational processes and the financial reorganization of a large independent fixed base operation.

Mr. Warren served as a Vice President for a FAA Part 135 Air Carrier that managed/operated 21 aircraft that included piston, turbo prop, jets and helicopters.

Mr. Warren was an Accountable manager for a FAA Part 145 Repair Station servicing both Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft.

Mr. Warren is driven by strong customer satisfaction while building sales and business development.

David A Del Corso – Director of Maintenance

Dave Del Corso joined 26 North Aviation in 2014 as Director of Maintenance. Mr. Del Corso is responsible for the aircraft maintenance, reliability, airworthiness and regulatory compliance of the 26 North Aviation fleet.

Mr. Del Corso has built an extensive career in aviation, with over 25 years of experience. Prior to joining 26 North Aviation, he served in various aircraft maintenance management roles at XOJET, Hawker Beechcraft, Projet Aviation and Dumont Aviation. Mr. Del Corso began his career in the airline industry where he spent 17 years as an aircraft mechanic.

Mr. Del Corso holds an Associates degree in specialized technology from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. He holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant license as well as FCC license.

Philip Adornato – Chief Pilot

Philip Adornato began his aviation career at 16, with his father as his flight instructor. A Commercial Pilot at 18 and Certified Flight Instructor at 19, Philip built experience towing banners and gliders, flying skydivers, and flight instructing. A corporate pilot at the age of 22, he has acquired several jet type ratings including 2 single pilot types. He also has been part of the Black Diamond Jet Team, as the Media Pilot and Safety Observer flying the Czech made AV-L39.

Lt. Col Jerry Kerby – Director of Safety

Retiring as a Lt. Col. From the USAF after 23 years of service in 2006. Lt. Col Kerby brings a wealth of aviation knowledge with a deep understanding of safety to 26 North Aviation.

He served as the 53rd Airwing Chief of Safety an operational test wing with over 2200 personnel spread out over 20 different locations. With virtually every type of aircraft in the USAF located within this one wing. The 53rd Wing Safety program encompassed one of the largest wings in the USAF.

In addition to being a chief of safety he attended the USAF Chief of Safety Course an intensive course covering the programmatic of safety programs for wing sized units throughout the USAF.

Lt. Col Kerby also attended the USAF Safety Investigation Board Presidents Course. Which was designed to teach the intricacies of leading the investigation into an aircraft mishap/accident.