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Flawless Safety Record

26 North Aviation maintains a Flawless Safety record. Safety is our Priority! Our Safety Committee is dedicated to ensuring every flight we conduct is as safe as possible. Our Safety Management System(SMS) is designed specifically for our operations. Our SMS allows us to stay up to date with the most current Safety policies and procedures to ensure our Operations remain ahead of the rest.

Safety Standards

26 North is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety to our clients. You can fly confidently, with the knowledge that you are supported by a rigorously maintained safety infrastructure. 26 North Aviation is a Wyvern Wingman, the industry’s highest safety standard and has been since 2007. 26 North Aviation is also an Air Charter Safety Foundation member as well as a member of the National Business Aviation Association.

Experienced Staff

All of our flight crews and technical staff have years of professional experience and receive extensive ongoing training at FAA approved Training centers. All flight crews receive instruction and simulator training in procedures and policies for both owner and charter operations. Flight crews must complete a simulator proficiency flight check and recurrent classroom training every 6 months. Additionally, our in-house team of aircraft technicians ensures that our fleet is constantly operating at peak performance. Our aircraft technicians regularly attend aircraft manufacturers maintenance training courses specific to the type of aircraft we operate.